3 Things that are changing my life.


Worship Music

A wonderful and insightful friend introduced me to some amazing new songs that I added to my playlist. For two weeks since: any chance I get, I soak in the goodness of lyrics that point me to Jesus ( the one who saved me from sin and who carries me in my weakness). My schedule has become increasingly demanding and I find that I need solace from the frenzy. When I listen to worship music I forget myself and remember Christ who is my source.

Gratitude Jar

My gratitude jar is a large jar I fill with pieces of colourful. I take a post it or a clourful square of paper and write the good things that have happened on a single day and then chuck it in the jar. After a while I’ll have built up a fair amount of these notes, which I will read and reflect on. They are a way to celebrate how blessed I am and remind me that I have much to be thankful for.


Over the past few months I’ve met some incredible people, who have helped me grow, challenging me to live beyond present circumstance. Existing in a place of love, submission, companionship and laughter is just so good for my soul. I’ve become bolder, and begun to do things that I used to be afraid to do. I’ve slowly begun to cross off goals that I had set ages ago. With friendships, I have been accountable to others for how I live my life and this is helping me to flourish!


Project Love

Have you ever felt different, like you might be special but no – one else can see it?


Have you ever been taken advantage of used until, you opened your eyes and realized that what was supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship has left you drained, lost and confused?

Have you ever felt undermined -like what you bring to the table has been undervalued, always left feeling that you need to out-perform your last milestone, because it just didn’t feel good enough or was not recognized as such.

Have you ever felt meaningless because somehow you are losing at everything, and winning at something would mean compromising your values, it would mean not standing up for the things you believe in. So instead, you settle for feeling like a loser because winning has become a foreign concept.

Do you feel left out? Like you’re not part of the married with kids club, or the found my dream husband club, or the faithful and loving boyfriend’s club , or the successful career and making it club, or beauty with brains or just outstandingly beautiful and fit club, or the fun and fancy free or the travelling around the world care free club. Which club are you not a part of? None or all of the above? How many more places are you not fitting in?

Here’s a thought for today that can restore your hope: There’s no one on this planet who always feels included or wanted, and some of us can handle that truth but some of us cannot. Some of us can’t just take it as a part of life. Some of us struggle with feeling even a hint of rejection. When we are like that we need to look to God and what he wants to communicate to us about who we are and our purpose, sometimes we have to dig deep and remind ourselves that we are incredibly unique and fashioned to make a difference regardless of our station in our life and our emotional state. It’s work to try to remember these important things but it is also good, it is worthwhile and rewarding.

So in that moment of discouragement I hope you hold out for the truth. Today the truth just may be that you are loved and accepted, and the truth is also this:

“Sometimes being “left out” of something is God’s way of reminding you that you are being “chosen” for something else.”

#Onedayatatime #projectlove

Welcome to Project Love: I am Munatsi and this is my project.

Starting Right

It’s like I always forget that documenting my journey is not only the best way to track progress but it’s also the best way to make progress. Writing should be a habit…well for me at least. It’s my inspiration it’s my energy, it’s my fire, it’s the passion that warms me, stirs me and helps to drive me forward.

The past few weeks have been research for me: I wanted to know how to start my day right. I’ve been bumbling along trying to discover what it is that I can use to push my energy levels up.

Here is what I’ve been doing, and it’s working…all I would like to add is some discipline to help keep me pumped, it’s the only way to avoid see-saw’s in my energy levels.

  1. Drink water when you wake up. It’s refreshing and has a cleansing effect on the body and the mind.
  2. Pray – focus less on how you feel and more on what God’s plans are for you. Release your daily failings and remember that His plans for you are good, all of the time, every day.
  3. Stretch – Tension lives in your body and the only way to draw it out is to stretch those limbs.
  4. Open your windows – let a breeze float through the room and breath in the fresh air.
  5. Have a good filling breakfast. Eat slowly. Enjoy the moment. You will need lot’s of energy and food will definitely be the fuel. Add a fruit.
  6. Encourage yourself, if you live alone. If you live with someone, make a habit of encouraging one another there’s nothing better than being reminded that you are not your work, you are not the sum of what you do, you are child of God dearly loved, created with a purpose to fulfill. My encouragement is now living on my laptop a reminder that I am worth it and precious in God’s sight.


And lastly – play some upbeat music to add some tempo, and raise your momentum!!

Have an awesome day!!

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Y.O.L.O – A Guest Post I Did

Y.O.L.O – words to live by or not?


I recently had the opportunity to write for Empty Bucket, and it is with great delight that I invite you to have a look at a piece that I thoroughly enjoyed writing.

The post was specifically written from life lessons that I have recently learned and I truly hope they are a source of both mirth and inspiration to the reader.

I called it 101 Life Lessons I Learnt from living the Y.O.L.O Life – the sooner you take a read, the sooner you’ll find out what it’s all about!

I certainly look forward to more opportunities, to share some of my insights and stories in a similar way.

Remembering Not To Forget

Its interesting, when I first started to realize my love for writing, I used to have a saying, that went…write it everywhere. And what I meant by that was that it wasn’t enough to think a thought, you had to put it down spell it out,and let it be read.

I know somewhere in the back of my mind it had to do with the story, of the people of Israel being instructed by God to write His commandments down and keep them in their midst, they would write it on their door posts and tie it to their foreheads and so on.

There is just something beautiful and powerful about remembering not to forget.
Maybe that’s why I fell in love with writing, maybe that’s why I love to read. It is no surprise then that I am at my best when I write things down, and even better when I read them. Somehow it is so much easier to see God at work when I read through my journal.

At Bible school we were taught about the Scarlet Thread that runs throughout the entire Bible. As we carefully study it we find beginning to end the story of Jesus and our redemption has been woven throughout God’s Word. It comes as no surprise then that when I look at my own stories I find that thread there too, tying all things together, reminding me not to forget Christ at the centre of my life.