When you are someone who loves to write. When you are a writer, one of the things that you will struggle with is the question, “What use is what I’m writing, how will my writing change the world, who even cares?”

It doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what our Heavenly Father thinks of what we do. If we could only catch a glimpse of how God truly feels about us we would know that we do everything for Him and because of Him.

So what are you struggling with today? What questions do you have for God today? Are you hurting, are you envious, are you asking God why isn’t it happening for me the way that it’s happening for her?

Wait on God he knows you inside out, He delights in you, you are always on His mind. Our journeys are not the same, but God is always the same, He does not change. Keep being obedient, keep walking in the Light, and He will direct your path.
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 #lovenotes #Jesus #Delight


2013, Parting Shots

Coming to the end of the year is like coming full circle, with an unexpected ending. This time last year is a little different from this year.

2012 Was not a great year for me,in fact, it was one of the hardest years ever in my 20-something years of existence, but it ended.

Then with a re-awakened faith, hope and desire, 2013 began and promptly showed me that things can actually get harder. Shock of my life!

Then somewhere close to the end, things took a turn for the better, I got work. I mean meaningful work.

I got to work at both of my passions and though the hours were hard and long. And though I spent 12 hours away from home only to arrive back and work for 4 more, I held on to these moments, I looked at the brighter side.

Getting work after what had been an extremely drawn out and frustrating forced hiatus was the greatest relief. I thought that I had flushed my career, along with my dreams and life down the toilet because of what I consider to be not-so-wise decisions. Instead God showed me that giving up was not the option. He reminded me that he holds the reigns. With that you would think I would have learnt to surrender things to him, but let me tell you that kind of love is not a once off thing. Literally, it’s an everyday thing but even though I fail to do that everyday, nevertheless, his grace always shows up.

In reflection, 2013 has been a good year for me. My prayers were answered and for the things that I am still hoping and waiting for I am trusting God. I am learning what it is to count blessings and to hold on to the good knowing that no matter what, it will always outweigh the bad.

Pic by R.J. Muna

I am excited for what lies ahead in 2014. Perhaps in truth what has changed in my life in 2013 is less things and more me, my outlook is being transformed and that’s something I want more than anything else.

In no particular order this is what I learnt in 2013:

  • Do what you love
  • Revive dead passions
  • Leave the past behind
  • Make new mistakes, and learn from them
  • Love God, and let him love you
  • Be surprised by God’s plans
  • You will hit a brick wall or a hundred, but God will open New Doors.
  • Have new aspirations and pursue them
  • Work hard at everything
  • Get some rest
  • Sometimes care, sometimes don’t care too much
  • You will worry about almost everything, but stop sooner rather than later
  • You will not agree with everyone on everything, that is the real life
  • If you learn to accept, you will save yourself a lot of heart break
  • Be yourself, sometimes that means re-inventing yourself
  • Learn to love others and love yourself
  • Learn to forgive others and forgive yourself

And if you have learnt nothing at all,remember that Jesus is the be all and end all. The All We Truly Need.

The Importance of A Message

I remembered today, that one of my favourite stories as a child was a Greek legend, told to me by my Greek 7th grade teacher, whom I loved dearly. He is the one I credit for igniting my love for history.

The story has to do with how the marathon came to be. The legend speaks of a Greek runner, who ran the long distance from Marathon to Athens to deliver the message that the Persian army had been defeated. Pheidippides was the name of the runner and according to some records he ran a distance of 25.4 miles or 40.8km.  As a child all I could think about was how strong this man was, but I also felt a little bit sad that the messenger died upon reporting the victory (other versions say that Pheidippides ran back to marathon to bring a return message to the Greek Commander). Continue reading


Emily has been friends with Will since varsity, and when he lands up interning as a doctor at the same hospital she confesses her feelings for him. Unfortunately he doesn’t feel the same. In ensuing episodes we discover that Will has harboured secret feelings for Emily too (which he continues to keep to himself). However, Will tells Emily that he feels a romantic relationship would ruin their friendship. Continue reading

by Tami Maiwashe on Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 3:37am ·

I’ll start this off on a tangent (better earlier than later, I believe): there was a time in my life when I absolutely relished and forced everyone else to relish any revelation I had had of a verse.  Lol.  Thought it was greaaaaat for Christian swag 😀  But now as I type this, it does not tell me that I’m amazing or that I am super-Bible-study womaaaaaaan *tum-turruuuuuuuum tatata tuuuuuuummm* (I most certainly am not), but that God is alive and He truly does speak through His Word.  YAY! 😀 (more…)