When you are someone who loves to write. When you are a writer, one of the things that you will struggle with is the question, “What use is what I’m writing, how will my writing change the world, who even cares?”

It doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what our Heavenly Father thinks of what we do. If we could only catch a glimpse of how God truly feels about us we would know that we do everything for Him and because of Him.

So what are you struggling with today? What questions do you have for God today? Are you hurting, are you envious, are you asking God why isn’t it happening for me the way that it’s happening for her?

Wait on God he knows you inside out, He delights in you, you are always on His mind. Our journeys are not the same, but God is always the same, He does not change. Keep being obedient, keep walking in the Light, and He will direct your path.
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 #lovenotes #Jesus #Delight




Dear Heart

You are smart, beautiful, inspired and full of passion.

You are a daughter of hope and you’ve hardly scratched the surface of what God has in store for you, so open your eyes and see that there is no single way to follow your dreams, let the Holy Spirit lead and you will perceive the depths to which Jesus is taking you.

I commend you for jumping off the emotional roller-coaster and choosing to embrace, truth and acceptance. Life is not without its challenges, but Jesus promises that He is with us always.

Pray without ceasing and worry less, at the appointed time things will fall into place. And like you realized the other day – one day you will be glad that God chose not to do things your way but His. (His way is always the best.)

Five months into the year and it doesn’t seem like any growth has taken place. But you know that faith consists often of things unseen and things hoped for, things that are not yet in existence, but will soon exist. Hold on to that truth so that your emotions don’t overwhelm you and so that anxiety wouldn’t get the best of you.

And lastly hold on to this, remember the Word, re-read it , meditate on it ,pray about it and trust God above all else.


A friend of Christ

New Eyes


This evening, I finally truly watched the movie ‘Step Up 5, All In’.

I am not about to write a review but I must confess, tonight I finally gave it my full attention, and that’s when my perspective changed.

I’ve watched it twice before, and on each occasion, I found the dialogue terrible, and the dance sequences lacklustre, the emotional moments always seemed disingenuous. But this evening I realised that I have never given this movie my full attention.

I never took time to listen to the dialogue or for the screenplay to make sense to me. I didn’t give the emotional moments a chance until now…the sad moments had depth and I found myself close to tears. The music stirred up emotion and suddenly the dance sequences were full of strength and life, and for some annoying reason the dialogue had meaning, and even though I still can’t rate this movie as highly, I came to a realization – that I actually enjoyed watching it. Suddenly this film had meaning and depth to it.

What I really want to say simply, is that in order to embrace something, to truly find contentment in our lives, we need new eyes.

Perhaps we need to delve into the things that feel mundane or unimpressive. Perhaps we need to grapple with our frustrations and the things that don’t make sense. Perhaps we need to do these things again and again and perhaps we need to give these areas our full attention.

Perhaps when we do this we will have new eyes, and maybe, just maybe we will have a new appreciation for who we are and what we have.

The Courage To Be The Best YOU

When the New Year comes right around, something happens in your mind…something like a light bulb moment. These days I am feeling like a beautifully, creative, courageous, confident, feminine,wholesome, emboldened version of myself. Let me correct that and minus the word version and then that description sounds completely right. I am myself…you are yourself…the end!

There is no better way to express the excitement that is all encompassing, deeply entrenched, fully surrounding (yep, a different version of all encompassing). Continue reading

You Heard Me ~ Despite The Mess

I pack a lot, and I unpack a lot. My innate desire to put things in order, to organise and to set straight, can sometimes be super frustrating and super tiring. I’ve been living in a mess for the past several months, both internal and external, and its exasperating. But I think I’m slowly figuring out a thing or two about the God I serve. Continue reading