Unpacking Destiny

Often we fall into the mundane: Everyday bad and good habits – a routine and groove along which we move from day to day. I can’t help but think that this is the way settling begins.


But every single day we face a challenge that forces us to face ourselves and helps us recognize how we are settling. Suddenly discontent begins to overshadow us and we know that we need to change. If we carefully observe this truth and recognize a need for action and take this action we find ourselves almost unravelling – life gets messy and stressful, as we fight to regain a grip on our routines and fall back into the groove we slipped out of.

Perhaps you’re in this place stressed out or highly strung wanting to feel a semblance of the control you had but perhaps the change you feel isn’t simply bad, maybe it is the suitcase of destiny sitting on your floor, with clothes within, heaped in a tangled mess – waiting for you to unravel it, unpack, straighten and repack. Don’t try to fall back into your old groove, fall completely out of its bounds and explore that which lies beyond.

That’s honestly what I think ,tension in our lives represents a disconnect that we have, or a thing that we need to face – we can either accept that change is needed and begin to go about that business or we can leave it. The truth about your destiny is that: if you ignore it, it still remains a bunch of messy clothes in a suitcase that won’t unpack itself. If you ignore it you leave potential lying in a mess and you never get to wear the beautiful clothes or arrange them in a way that makes sense and provides beauty and joy. A suitcase lying in the middle of the room becomes an obstacle to the aesthetic never allowing you to fully appreciate the space within which you live.

Here are a couple of things that I’m doing in order to unpack my destiny:

  1. Taking Passion Quizzes to identify points of weakness or areas of growth,
  2. Reading books like: Business God’s Way
  3. Changing negative thought patterns
  4. Praying
  5. Accepting constructive criticism
  6. Learning more about planning & practicing making time
  7. Doing less, so I can be empowered to do better (too many things to do leads to burnout)
  8. Spending time with the people I love because we build each other up
  9. Learning and redefining personal boundaries




Quick Thoughts On:


Identity: You are not what your emotions make you feel you are, you are who you are. You are not your environment although you are shaped within it.

Decision making: You are capable because you are autonomous. Sometimes you get it wrong and sometimes you get it right. You decide how to respond to your failures, and you can either regard them with a desire to learn or you can regard them with self-condemnation.

Future: The future is built on your faith, what you believe and perceive your future to be is what you build on in your present. Respect your future, by pushing your boundaries today. Learn the extent of your own actions by choosing to explore.

Mastery: You can only master what you practice. What you practice you become great at, and in order to practice it you need to adopt the mindset of a student.


2015 Starting Strong & Continuing in Strength


In writing this post I’m picking up from where I left off in Parting Shots. I know what I have written here reflects growth, understanding, and clarity. As I pursue growth and wholeness, I see greater cohesion in the fabric of the things I write and also in the way I think, thus in the freshness of 2015, I felt to share what has been on my mind.

Coming to the end of the beginning of a new year can sometimes bring unexpected results. You may be reeling at how quickly time has passed and how far you’ve slipped from your goals. You might even think to yourself – I thought this year would be different from the last year.

Suddenly it hits you that goals, aspirations, objectives or whatever you like to call them – you can’t write them down once, close your book and walk away. It takes effort to follow through and takes heart to stay encouraged. Accountability is like your North – pointing you back to the beginning and assessment keep you moving forward. Significantly it takes prayer to make it stick and to help you believe that it’s possible to realize your dreams.

Surrendering my hopes and my goals to God is literally the most elemental part of reaching my goals and pursuing his call on my life. This surrendering is an everyday thing . Even though I don’t always do the surrendering part well, I trust in the sufficiency of His grace to lift me back on my feet.

In reflection, 2015 has been a good year for me so far. My prayers are being answered – even sometimes in ways that I don’t expect. God is at work and he cares for me.

I am still learning what it is to count blessings and to hold on to the good knowing that no matter what, it will always outweigh the bad.

I am excited for what lies ahead in 2015. As my outlook is being transformed I am continuing to pursue the things I love passions and leaving the past behind.

The reality is that though mistakes are inevitable, each one is also a learning experience. I am also continually realizing that God’s plans surprise me and find me unprepared mostly, and that whether I hit a brick wall, I will often turn a corner and find an open door

One key to staying the course is knowing that hard work needs hard rest. There is in addition great benefit to not worrying.

I have found the value in respecting myself enough to be comfortable with not agreeing with every opinion that others have and still accepting other people, with their opinions, quirks and tastes.

Love others as you love yourself and learn to forgive others and yourself.