3 Things that are changing my life.


Worship Music

A wonderful and insightful friend introduced me to some amazing new songs that I added to my playlist. For two weeks since: any chance I get, I soak in the goodness of lyrics that point me to Jesus ( the one who saved me from sin and who carries me in my weakness). My schedule has become increasingly demanding and I find that I need solace from the frenzy. When I listen to worship music I forget myself and remember Christ who is my source.

Gratitude Jar

My gratitude jar is a large jar I fill with pieces of colourful. I take a post it or a clourful square of paper and write the good things that have happened on a single day and then chuck it in the jar. After a while I’ll have built up a fair amount of these notes, which I will read and reflect on. They are a way to celebrate how blessed I am and remind me that I have much to be thankful for.


Over the past few months I’ve met some incredible people, who have helped me grow, challenging me to live beyond present circumstance. Existing in a place of love, submission, companionship and laughter is just so good for my soul. I’ve become bolder, and begun to do things that I used to be afraid to do. I’ve slowly begun to cross off goals that I had set ages ago. With friendships, I have been accountable to others for how I live my life and this is helping me to flourish!


Unpacking Destiny

Often we fall into the mundane: Everyday bad and good habits – a routine and groove along which we move from day to day. I can’t help but think that this is the way settling begins.


But every single day we face a challenge that forces us to face ourselves and helps us recognize how we are settling. Suddenly discontent begins to overshadow us and we know that we need to change. If we carefully observe this truth and recognize a need for action and take this action we find ourselves almost unravelling – life gets messy and stressful, as we fight to regain a grip on our routines and fall back into the groove we slipped out of.

Perhaps you’re in this place stressed out or highly strung wanting to feel a semblance of the control you had but perhaps the change you feel isn’t simply bad, maybe it is the suitcase of destiny sitting on your floor, with clothes within, heaped in a tangled mess – waiting for you to unravel it, unpack, straighten and repack. Don’t try to fall back into your old groove, fall completely out of its bounds and explore that which lies beyond.

That’s honestly what I think ,tension in our lives represents a disconnect that we have, or a thing that we need to face – we can either accept that change is needed and begin to go about that business or we can leave it. The truth about your destiny is that: if you ignore it, it still remains a bunch of messy clothes in a suitcase that won’t unpack itself. If you ignore it you leave potential lying in a mess and you never get to wear the beautiful clothes or arrange them in a way that makes sense and provides beauty and joy. A suitcase lying in the middle of the room becomes an obstacle to the aesthetic never allowing you to fully appreciate the space within which you live.

Here are a couple of things that I’m doing in order to unpack my destiny:

  1. Taking Passion Quizzes to identify points of weakness or areas of growth,
  2. Reading books like: Business God’s Way
  3. Changing negative thought patterns
  4. Praying
  5. Accepting constructive criticism
  6. Learning more about planning & practicing making time
  7. Doing less, so I can be empowered to do better (too many things to do leads to burnout)
  8. Spending time with the people I love because we build each other up
  9. Learning and redefining personal boundaries



New Directions

No, this post has nothing to do with the musical series, Glee nor anything to do with a glee club, but much like the makeovers that take place when Will Sheuster takes over, this story is all about makeovers.


Arty Blah! is no longer what it used to be, that is I no longer feel that it adequately speaks to what my blog is all about. As I grow, I realize that the arrangement in this space was becoming overwhelming and I was not sure what direction I intended to take. Initially the idea was to ramble on and speak about any issue that came to mind, but now I am attempting to follow a more focused train of thought.

As a result I decided on the name Juxta because, it means next to, and that’s how I often feel: like a woman who has the heart for the beautiful, rustic, shabby chic next to a heart for the sleek and sophisticated. Or like the women who longs for wide and open plains as much as she longs for the high rises and bright lights.

I am one who enjoys seeing cultures and environments juxta-posed believing there is something symbiotic about the metaphoric “two sides of the same coin”.

So this space will be all about combination, opposites and unity.

Thus, to move towards this new direction it seems fitting to transform the appearance of this blog. I hope you enjoy the new look and trust you will continue to visit and linger here, at Juxta.

Update in the City

I feel that I have been quite absent from Arty Blah, although I posted something on the 22nd of October. I am undergoing, what I would describe as multiple transitions in my life, and thus it has affected my writings to date.

I write to you now, to whet your appetites, to encourage you to be expectant of change in the coming month. I don’t want to discourage you as change often does to those undergoing it, but I trust that the changes to this site will be refreshing and prove fruitful.

Beyond that, I cannot say more except that I hope to inspire you with more exciting content. I hope to, in the process, encounter new people in this community of bloggers, and perhaps see an entrepreneurial side begin to awaken because of my work.

This new thing can only be a working of God and his timing.

In the mean-time I want to share that whilst I’ve been away, I have been shopping, enjoying the rain and am in the process of re-discovering the city of Johannesburg and what a delight it has been. I can’t wait for when I can share with you about my exciting encounters and that, I most certainly plan to do.

For now, I bid you Adieu!