Quick Thoughts On:


Identity: You are not what your emotions make you feel you are, you are who you are. You are not your environment although you are shaped within it.

Decision making: You are capable because you are autonomous. Sometimes you get it wrong and sometimes you get it right. You decide how to respond to your failures, and you can either regard them with a desire to learn or you can regard them with self-condemnation.

Future: The future is built on your faith, what you believe and perceive your future to be is what you build on in your present. Respect your future, by pushing your boundaries today. Learn the extent of your own actions by choosing to explore.

Mastery: You can only master what you practice. What you practice you become great at, and in order to practice it you need to adopt the mindset of a student.



On being better

I recently read an incredible book on goal setting and becoming great. This book has completely changed my mindset and my approach, it’s amazing because the changes are progressive and on going. It has helped me focus less on perfection or on being right all the time, and has moved my efforts to becoming better. The whole idea of the book presses on the fact that the reason why we never succeed in our goals is because we set them wrong.

Our goal parameters focus attention on what we want and the end point, we’re not detailed enough in our approach, and we try so hard to get them perfect rather than on actual growth and getting better; an attitude and frame of mind that makes room for mistakes that we can learn from. This new approach to goals will allow you to tweak your plans, and strategize better allowing your process to evolve, and that’s what I love about it! Because growth is evolution.

I am excited to share more with you when the book is on the market again.

Project Love

Have you ever felt different, like you might be special but no – one else can see it?


Have you ever been taken advantage of used until, you opened your eyes and realized that what was supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship has left you drained, lost and confused?

Have you ever felt undermined -like what you bring to the table has been undervalued, always left feeling that you need to out-perform your last milestone, because it just didn’t feel good enough or was not recognized as such.

Have you ever felt meaningless because somehow you are losing at everything, and winning at something would mean compromising your values, it would mean not standing up for the things you believe in. So instead, you settle for feeling like a loser because winning has become a foreign concept.

Do you feel left out? Like you’re not part of the married with kids club, or the found my dream husband club, or the faithful and loving boyfriend’s club , or the successful career and making it club, or beauty with brains or just outstandingly beautiful and fit club, or the fun and fancy free or the travelling around the world care free club. Which club are you not a part of? None or all of the above? How many more places are you not fitting in?

Here’s a thought for today that can restore your hope: There’s no one on this planet who always feels included or wanted, and some of us can handle that truth but some of us cannot. Some of us can’t just take it as a part of life. Some of us struggle with feeling even a hint of rejection. When we are like that we need to look to God and what he wants to communicate to us about who we are and our purpose, sometimes we have to dig deep and remind ourselves that we are incredibly unique and fashioned to make a difference regardless of our station in our life and our emotional state. It’s work to try to remember these important things but it is also good, it is worthwhile and rewarding.

So in that moment of discouragement I hope you hold out for the truth. Today the truth just may be that you are loved and accepted, and the truth is also this:

“Sometimes being “left out” of something is God’s way of reminding you that you are being “chosen” for something else.”

#Onedayatatime #projectlove

Welcome to Project Love: I am Munatsi and this is my project.

It is too costly!

Note from the author: This is my first attempt at writing a political opinion piece any constructive criticism is welcomed as it will benefit my writing thus.

Warning: This is a political piece on the current state of affairs of the nation of South Africa. All opinions are welcome here, however please ensure that when you comment you observe etiquette. Any speech deemed as offensive will be removed from this site.

South Africa is at odds with itself. The current fragmented state of this country’s politics serves as accurate representation of the turmoil that is experienced by a divided heart.

South Africa is one country yet it finds itself unable to agree with all of its own parts. Like arms that walk and legs that hold, somehow its true purpose or function has lost all manner of effectiveness.

With the fees must fall protests, South Africa walking out on the ICC, price hikes, a quarrelsome labour force, the confusing trial of it’s finance minister, the appointment of a new public protector and a head of state who is possibly unable to grapple with the complexities of a people whose voice has matured and become argumentative and a people that challenges; South Africa has become a cauldron that threatens to bubble over. And with this uncontainable force no lid appears wide enough to contain the angry, hot and reaching contents.

I could blame all of this incredibly bracing force on poor leadership, but I would go so far as to say that more than that South Africa is the vicitim of a leadership plagued by cultural patriarchy that condescends to its youth. Its people have fallen prey to a “old world” leadership that has not matured nor evolved with its own growth.

There is a refusal of the older generation of the African National Congress to grapple with the concerns of a younger, more independent demographic. Hardly able to deal with demands of its already complaining segment of the population – that is those individuals that live on or below the breadline, South Africa’s leadership is inundated from all sides with the outcry of a discontented people.

If Zuma, was lured into his position of head of state by a simplistic view of life at “the top”, surely now he has bore witness to the force of the people, who can no longer be ignored – a people whose demands will not be quelled by a promise of more jobs, and access to education.

Do we not, yet again find ourselves in a circus, where limber limbs bound acrobatically away in an attempt to avoid the increasingly complex and surmounting challenges in a disquieted populace.

What will happen next in an environment that has turned to chaos, as indivuals such as the public protector and the finance minister, the protesting students of the fees must fall, amongst others have become chess pieces to be manipulated, discarded or disdained, in a game of pawns.

What Are You Afraid Of?

It takes courage to face your fears and be truly honest about who we are and the things that we want, often because we are afraid that our desires are in conflict with our morals or beliefs.


Let’s take God for example and the idea of humility. It’s difficult to see where faith and ambition intersect. Our desires for success, often challenge our pursuit for modesty.


Because a lot of the time that desire means what we want takes centre stage.

In my own mind I wonder how can that be a good thing. How can the spotlight shining on me serve God. Doesn’t it just serve me? Where do the things I desire intersect with the plans that God has for my life.

This is just the beginning of me thinking out loud about life’s pursuits, and how each puzzle piece falls into the bigger picture.

I write for the The Gleaner , join me there as I (and other like-minded girls)  Coach, Connect, Cheer and Challenge girls and women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to pursue their purpose.

Hello, can you hear me…

With the proliferation of Call Centres, I think there are a number of challenges that organizations face:
1. High staff turnovers means that there is little or no incentive to upskill staff.
2. Following a script often means that call centre agents are unable to deal sufficiently/satisfactorily  with technical issues that client’s face.
3. A flat structure means there is little or no chance of career progression.
4. Businesses risk losing valued business due to consumer frustration in dealing with a challenged call centre staff.
5. The middle man (call centre staff) may often be viewed as a barrier to business i.e. businesses appear reluctant to deal face to face with customers for fear they either can’t resolve problems, or that they are averse to complications embedded in their product.
I believe that in South Africa especially, companies need to reform their communications strategy to deal with the complications that come with running a Call Centre business as an ancillary/auxiliary structure to the core business.

Small Victories

I am incredibly excited to be writing to you, because I have decided to write a weekly Small Victories post. I just have a sense of excitement of what can grow if we water the seeds of gratefulness, perseverance, hope & joy!


I am ambitiously envisioning a weekly update that my readers can share in. I love a good DMC (Deep Meaningful Chat) or even simple words of affirmation they do a great work of encouragement and upliftment inside of me and dare I say others!

I believe we do so much better in enabling environments, but also that we can do even better when we help in the creative process of enabling environments.

That said, my small victories this week include:

Walking my first 10Km in anticipation of my 10Km run on the 24th of September.

Making my living space friendly and conducive to work in. Having an open plan flat often means that I only come to my kitchen/living space to cook ( the space is so large and bare, to the point where it gets cold). I spend most of my evenings in bed reading or watching series, and this winter that has been almost every night. In some ways this hasn’t helped me to grow or envision acquiring furniture for my open living area. I’ve got goals to do that now so yay!

I’ve finished my first book this year! Laugh out loud! I have a ginormous reading list and loads of books. I’ve started several but getting to the end has been an uphill battle making time to just sit and read. It was a wonderful book that I read, written by Jojo Moyes called After You, which is a sequel to Me Before You which has now been turned into a movie! I love Jojo Moyes’s writing, and I smell a review coming soon from yours truly. But finishing a book is such an achievement though so I am over the moon.

In addition, I visited the Propel Women being the ambitious women that I am constantly seeking for inspiration and ways to thrive in a somewhat male oriented workplace, and also just for my life. I look forward to discovering all that God has for me, to realize my full potential and walk out my calling.

Finally, I just want to celebrate my journey in poetry – I am embarking on a simple poetry project.The aim is to write as much poetry, and read as much poetry as I can in a month. If you click the Poetry & Prose tab on this blog, you will read some of the poetry that I have already written. If you would like to make any use of it, I would be delighted if you mention me on your blog, or on Instagram or wherever you decide to post it. This poetry is a labour of love and it’s most definitely from the heart. I also love interpreting poetry so if you want to submit your interpretation please email me here.