Rose Gold Hearts


When you’ve been down so long it’s hard to deal with being “up”. Experiencing goodness becomes so foreign that when it happens it’s like dew on dry earth, like rain on cracked soil.

My heart is all about in empowerment, my greatest joy is teaching people to believe in hope, to realize that despite averse circumstances, they can know that they are not defined by situations, they are defined by a God, who loves to meet our expectations and go far beyond our wildest dreams.

And so when I look at the wonderful friends that I am surrounded by – females who battle many challenges, but are overcoming, I am more than encouraged. My heart gets so full that I just begin to dish out portions of encouragement to those in need, pointing them always to the hope we find in Jesus.

One of the ways in which I give is through writing. Poetry is what I call my place of overflow, it’s not just beautiful words that I paint pictures with, its hope that I try to infuse in people’s hearts and minds, so that they will know that they are more than their present circumstance.

Below is my poem Rose Gold Hearts written for every woman, who doesn’t think their brave, and to every woman who knows their brave – a simple love letter to encourage every girl that she’s made up of all the right things regardless, of what the world and media may dictate.

Rose Gold

This one is for the girls,

That love brave, that laugh hard,

That drink deep and cry soft,

That embrace wild and embody bold,


That value gentle, that stand for warmth,

That live big, regardless of the small.

This one is for the girls,

Whose hearts are rose gold!



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