The Stories I Tell

I want to write the fun stories, the ones where we all laugh, and joke and talk positive right? Because that’s the era we live in, of speaking positivity, finding ‘our zen’ and smiling all the time. I love those stories because they brighten up the day. But those ‘all is well stories’,  don’t bring change and they don’t transform, they simply glaze over the scars and flakes in the plaster, they cover the roughness and the toughness of the walls beneath.

Let me tell you something though ‘rustic’ is in and it’s all the rage – do you want to know why? It’s because perseverance builds character. When you look at chipped and aged pottery, or calloused wood, when you place it center stage on a mantle or in the middle of the room, after a scrub or polish you see beauty. You see the beauty amidst the flaws.

So my mind is made up – I won’t pressure myself to do happy chirpy stories – instead I will give real stories, authentic, honest and sometimes painful ones. But I promise you this, I’ll point each story towards hope, towards opportunity and most of all towards victory in every fight!


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