When you are someone who loves to write. When you are a writer, one of the things that you will struggle with is the question, “What use is what I’m writing, how will my writing change the world, who even cares?”

It doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what our Heavenly Father thinks of what we do. If we could only catch a glimpse of how God truly feels about us we would know that we do everything for Him and because of Him.

So what are you struggling with today? What questions do you have for God today? Are you hurting, are you envious, are you asking God why isn’t it happening for me the way that it’s happening for her?

Wait on God he knows you inside out, He delights in you, you are always on His mind. Our journeys are not the same, but God is always the same, He does not change. Keep being obedient, keep walking in the Light, and He will direct your path.
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 #lovenotes #Jesus #Delight




Dear Heart

You are smart, beautiful, inspired and full of passion.

You are a daughter of hope and you’ve hardly scratched the surface of what God has in store for you, so open your eyes and see that there is no single way to follow your dreams, let the Holy Spirit lead and you will perceive the depths to which Jesus is taking you.

I commend you for jumping off the emotional roller-coaster and choosing to embrace, truth and acceptance. Life is not without its challenges, but Jesus promises that He is with us always.

Pray without ceasing and worry less, at the appointed time things will fall into place. And like you realized the other day – one day you will be glad that God chose not to do things your way but His. (His way is always the best.)

Five months into the year and it doesn’t seem like any growth has taken place. But you know that faith consists often of things unseen and things hoped for, things that are not yet in existence, but will soon exist. Hold on to that truth so that your emotions don’t overwhelm you and so that anxiety wouldn’t get the best of you.

And lastly hold on to this, remember the Word, re-read it , meditate on it ,pray about it and trust God above all else.


A friend of Christ

3 Things that are changing my life.


Worship Music

A wonderful and insightful friend introduced me to some amazing new songs that I added to my playlist. For two weeks since: any chance I get, I soak in the goodness of lyrics that point me to Jesus ( the one who saved me from sin and who carries me in my weakness). My schedule has become increasingly demanding and I find that I need solace from the frenzy. When I listen to worship music I forget myself and remember Christ who is my source.

Gratitude Jar

My gratitude jar is a large jar I fill with pieces of colourful. I take a post it or a clourful square of paper and write the good things that have happened on a single day and then chuck it in the jar. After a while I’ll have built up a fair amount of these notes, which I will read and reflect on. They are a way to celebrate how blessed I am and remind me that I have much to be thankful for.


Over the past few months I’ve met some incredible people, who have helped me grow, challenging me to live beyond present circumstance. Existing in a place of love, submission, companionship and laughter is just so good for my soul. I’ve become bolder, and begun to do things that I used to be afraid to do. I’ve slowly begun to cross off goals that I had set ages ago. With friendships, I have been accountable to others for how I live my life and this is helping me to flourish!

The Abundance of Grace…

There was a time not long ago that I found myself celebrating a small victory, the man that I had been crushing on was giving me a little extra attention…in that moment of celebration I was struck with the earth shattering realization, that I was living off a victory  of crumbs. Dry, tasteless, hardly palatable crumbs of attention. I sat in silence, momentarily paralyzed by the truth of what God was showing me. Suddenly amidst the truth of His abundant grace, I caught a glimpse of how short – lived my victory would be; how unsatisfying this win would be, that soon I would once again be scratching in the dirt for another event that would bring me joy.

It’s in that moment that I felt God’s heart towards me, His desire to see me living off a true and constant stream; or even, a river of overwhelming, supernatural constant joy. I am to live off true victory and not off fickle spurts of attention. Which brings me to this question:

Have you ever really liked someone?

Have you ever had a crush on someone and still felt unseen. It’s like having a parched throat, and trying to quench your thirst with the last drops of a water bottle. It works only momentarily. No sooner have you swallowed water, than you find yourself thirsty again. You see just an ounce of attention drives you giddy with excitement, but it’s not enough when you want the whole pound. Am I right?

I find this hunger for significance leaks from my relationships into work. Sometimes I work so hard on a project, straining and investing all of myself in it – hungry for praise, thirsty for worth, begging for significance.Yet for all of that I do, I am rewarded with a simple, “well done” which to me hardly seems fair .  My expectations are fairly high but the result is paltry to my parched heart. Again God reminded me that in all my efforts, my earthly reward is but crumbs compared to the fullness of joy that is mine in him. So when, “well done,” is momentarily sufficient, and I am okay to work for morsels, I am only stoking the ravenous fire of hunger, a single coal at a time.

With new clarity I could see that once my one craving was met/ fed I would start asking for more attention – seeking for something else to fulfill my heart. That’s rather ungrateful I thought to myself, but God was right this is how I would become perpetuating a cycle of craving & feeding and then craving some more, if I refused to acknowledge that people I don’t know could not meet such high expectations. In that moment, God showed me he wants me to learn to revel in the abundance of His grace, because when crumbs are weighed against the bread of abundance, abundance wins hands down.

I can be fueled by God’s love, His Word & His Presence or I can be fueled by attention from the guy I like, my boss, recognition at work. One source is ever present (omnipotent) and the other is fleeting, temporary and inconsistent.

So what does it mean then to experience the grace of the abundance:

In a talk by author of “Boundaries”, John Townsend illustrates grace with a picture of God, or a parent, coming into the deep well off water, where we are drowning in our dilemmas. He describes grace as coming to sit with us and tell us that he is with us. The abundance of God’s grace is the love of God demonstrated for us in our relationships, with our safe people – people we can be vulnerable, whose presence is reassuring, who can love us through and despite our weakness. These are the people we can count on when we feel lost. The abundance of grace, is God filling us in our needy places, with the help of our community – it helps us not to look for significance in things and people that don’t know us, who don’t know how to meet our expectations, who aren’t committed to reminding us of our worth. When this abundance stands up against the crumbs of attention (from people who have no business holding us up, who have no knowledge of our worth) this all encompassing abundance wins, reminding us that we have and will always be loved, held up and embraced.

Those crumbs of attention that I spoke of at earlier  – they always demand a performance for me to gain  the approval, I was so desperately seeking. But that abundance of Grace, only requires me to be who I am, whether I’m messy  or organized o whether I am just figuring things out, so that in my imperfection , I can let go and let my self be carried, as I discover the restorative power of someone being patient with me, of someone loving me without requiring me to meet a standard.

We need to know that we are significant before we do something right. Our rightness cannot be based on performance, but rather it is based on a grace and love which has been offered to us before we know how to love back.

Rose Gold Hearts


When you’ve been down so long it’s hard to deal with being “up”. Experiencing goodness becomes so foreign that when it happens it’s like dew on dry earth, like rain on cracked soil.

My heart is all about in empowerment, my greatest joy is teaching people to believe in hope, to realize that despite averse circumstances, they can know that they are not defined by situations, they are defined by a God, who loves to meet our expectations and go far beyond our wildest dreams.

And so when I look at the wonderful friends that I am surrounded by – females who battle many challenges, but are overcoming, I am more than encouraged. My heart gets so full that I just begin to dish out portions of encouragement to those in need, pointing them always to the hope we find in Jesus.

One of the ways in which I give is through writing. Poetry is what I call my place of overflow, it’s not just beautiful words that I paint pictures with, its hope that I try to infuse in people’s hearts and minds, so that they will know that they are more than their present circumstance.

Below is my poem Rose Gold Hearts written for every woman, who doesn’t think their brave, and to every woman who knows their brave – a simple love letter to encourage every girl that she’s made up of all the right things regardless, of what the world and media may dictate.

Rose Gold

This one is for the girls,

That love brave, that laugh hard,

That drink deep and cry soft,

That embrace wild and embody bold,


That value gentle, that stand for warmth,

That live big, regardless of the small.

This one is for the girls,

Whose hearts are rose gold!

Unpacking Destiny

Often we fall into the mundane: Everyday bad and good habits – a routine and groove along which we move from day to day. I can’t help but think that this is the way settling begins.


But every single day we face a challenge that forces us to face ourselves and helps us recognize how we are settling. Suddenly discontent begins to overshadow us and we know that we need to change. If we carefully observe this truth and recognize a need for action and take this action we find ourselves almost unravelling – life gets messy and stressful, as we fight to regain a grip on our routines and fall back into the groove we slipped out of.

Perhaps you’re in this place stressed out or highly strung wanting to feel a semblance of the control you had but perhaps the change you feel isn’t simply bad, maybe it is the suitcase of destiny sitting on your floor, with clothes within, heaped in a tangled mess – waiting for you to unravel it, unpack, straighten and repack. Don’t try to fall back into your old groove, fall completely out of its bounds and explore that which lies beyond.

That’s honestly what I think ,tension in our lives represents a disconnect that we have, or a thing that we need to face – we can either accept that change is needed and begin to go about that business or we can leave it. The truth about your destiny is that: if you ignore it, it still remains a bunch of messy clothes in a suitcase that won’t unpack itself. If you ignore it you leave potential lying in a mess and you never get to wear the beautiful clothes or arrange them in a way that makes sense and provides beauty and joy. A suitcase lying in the middle of the room becomes an obstacle to the aesthetic never allowing you to fully appreciate the space within which you live.

Here are a couple of things that I’m doing in order to unpack my destiny:

  1. Taking Passion Quizzes to identify points of weakness or areas of growth,
  2. Reading books like: Business God’s Way
  3. Changing negative thought patterns
  4. Praying
  5. Accepting constructive criticism
  6. Learning more about planning & practicing making time
  7. Doing less, so I can be empowered to do better (too many things to do leads to burnout)
  8. Spending time with the people I love because we build each other up
  9. Learning and redefining personal boundaries



The Stories I Tell

I want to write the fun stories, the ones where we all laugh, and joke and talk positive right? Because that’s the era we live in, of speaking positivity, finding ‘our zen’ and smiling all the time. I love those stories because they brighten up the day. But those ‘all is well stories’,  don’t bring change and they don’t transform, they simply glaze over the scars and flakes in the plaster, they cover the roughness and the toughness of the walls beneath.

Let me tell you something though ‘rustic’ is in and it’s all the rage – do you want to know why? It’s because perseverance builds character. When you look at chipped and aged pottery, or calloused wood, when you place it center stage on a mantle or in the middle of the room, after a scrub or polish you see beauty. You see the beauty amidst the flaws.

So my mind is made up – I won’t pressure myself to do happy chirpy stories – instead I will give real stories, authentic, honest and sometimes painful ones. But I promise you this, I’ll point each story towards hope, towards opportunity and most of all towards victory in every fight!